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This page will build to a miscellany of notes and articles, most astrological, some not. I will add to it as I find time and inspiration.



What is the Tradition in Astrology? The Carter Memorial Lecture KEYNOTE: READ THIS ONE FIRST


A Note on Prediction: It's not quite so simple.

All for Love: The Astrological Underpinning of Antony and Cleopatra

Botticelli's Mystic Nativity: What's so mystic about this nativity?

Bright Star: The astrology of Keats' great sonnet.

Conversations on Natal Astrology, 1

Conversations on Natal Astrology, 2

Conversations on Natal Astrology, 3

Culpeper: an Introduction

Extract from Natal Volume: George Orwell

Free Will and Predestination

Predicting the Lottery

Some Notes on Culpeper

The Guy with the Eye: Hot gossip from astro-world.

Void of Course: A note on meaning

Vox Lillii Vox Dei: a look at one of Lilly's judgements

Will Dundee Die? a detailed example of horary judgement 

John's Guide to London - nothing astrological, just some tips for tourists 

Astro-stamps: a little curiosity, courtesy of the Polish post office. 




Alfred and the Star

Alfred and the Nose-Pirates


Libre albedrío y predestinación

Todo por amor: Las bases astrológicas de Antonio y Cleopatra

¿Qué es la tradición en la astrología?

La música más hermosa del libro "The Real Astrology Applied" 



Qu’est-ce que la tradition en astrologie?


Ordinea Cosmosului

Natura Timpului

Tiparele astrologice din Odiseea (I)

Tiparele astrologice din Odiseea (II)

Tiparele astrologice din Odiseea (III)

Tiparele astrologice din Odiseea (IV)

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