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Will Dundee die?

I’m aware that many students of horary are put off my ‘Sports Astrology’ because they have no interest in sport. If you are one such, you’re missing out – as I hope this sample from the book will show. Two of the four main chapters of the book are devoted to horary, with the Master walking his eager but not overly bright student through the detailed judgements of 38 horary charts. What I have tried to do there is to answer all the questions that a student would ask a teacher but cannot usually ask a book. To the extent that I have succeeded, these explanations have a value far beyond their immediate subject. It’s also an entertaining read, quite different from any other astrology book that you have ever seen.


‘Sports Astrology’ is available direct from us – details are here – or through Amazon and all other usual channels.

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Will Dundee die? November 28th 2003, 6.50 am GMT, Dundee, Scotland

This querent supported Dundee United. The city’s other club, Dundee, had financial problems so severe that it was threatened with closure. The question was: Will Dundee die? Where do we start?’ ‘


By finding the significator. Dundee are the querent’s team’s local rivals. This probably makes them the enemy, and so 7th house.’


‘Yes. We can’t always assume that another local team will be the enemy, but that was the case here. Start by looking at the 7th house.’


‘North Node close to the cusp. That’s a good sign.’


‘Good for Dundee, certainly,’ I said, laughing. ‘I’m not sure our querent would see this as good.’


‘But the Node’s retrograde.’


‘You can ignore the Node’s direction of movement. It makes no difference. Now look at Lord 7.’


‘That’s Venus.’ ‘And the significator for death?’


‘Ruler of the 8th house from the 7th, the enemy’s house of death. That’s the radical 2nd house, ruled by Jupiter. Look at that horrible mutual reception between Jupiter and Venus, each being in the other’s fall.’


‘It is horrible. Venus has only recently entered Capricorn, Jupiter’s fall. There must have been some recent event that has made the club fear death all the more. But fearing death is not testimony of death. Similarly with Jupiter being in its detriment. That’s a nasty kind of Jupiter. But if Jupiter is Lord 8 it can still kill, no matter how dignified it might be.’


‘And its placement so close to the MC?’


‘That just shows that the fear of death is a real one: it may very possibly come to pass. The reverse is not true, though: if Jupiter had been in a cadent house this wouldn’t show that the fear was unfounded. Which other planet must we consider?’


‘I know, Master! When we’re looking at somebody else’s death we must consider both the turned and the radical Lord 8. Either can kill.’


‘That’s right. Jupiter is turned Lord 8. Radical Lord 8 is Mercury. Let’s start with Mercury. Can we connect Venus to Mercury?’


He thought for a moment, then went running into the cave. He reappeared cradling his antiscion and scratching its ear. ‘Venus and Mercury will conjunct by antiscion.’


‘Well spotted. But an antiscion won’t kill.’ I twirled a blade of grass in front of its nose, while it padded at it with its paw. ‘Can you connect Venus to Jupiter? That will kill.’


‘Yes. Venus applies to trine Jupiter. Dundee meets death. The club folds.’


‘Look again. What is Venus going to do?’


‘Venus goes to oppose Saturn.’


‘What does that do to the Venus/Jupiter aspect?’ ‘It’s a prohibition, Master. It prevents Venus reaching Jupiter. There is no death. But,’ he asked, as the antiscion gnawed on his finger, ‘couldn’t we see that as a translation of light? Venus translates the light of Saturn to Jupiter?’


‘That’s an intelligent question. But no, because that translation is meaningless in this context. It would join Saturn to Jupiter, connecting whatever Saturn might signify to death. We aren’t concerned with what happens to death, or with what happens to whatever Saturn might signify; we are concerned only with what happens to Dundee. If, suppose, Saturn had collected the light of Venus and Jupiter, the Saturn-thing would connect Dundee to death. That would be important. Connecting the Saturn-thing to death means nothing.’


‘So Saturn saves Dundee from death. But this is a very nasty Saturn.’


‘Yes, good. Saturn is in its detriment. The application is by opposition. So the saving will not be pleasant. It will not be a generous benefactor paying the club’s debts. The club was put into administration, the rigour of which brought a plunge in playing fortunes. But for all those difficulties, the club survives.’



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