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Brains, wit, style - and, above all, tight, rigorous astrology: The Astrologer’s Apprentice, edited, published, and mostly written by John Frawley, had it all. The finest astrological writing, working within the tradition, yet still provocative and breaking new ground, with a welcome sense of fun. You’ve never read anything quite like the Apprentice.


As the Astrological Association Journal said: The Astrologer's Apprentice is dark, funny, subversive, and corrosive; but more than that, its astrology is alarmingly rigorous and true... The whole magazine takes on a delirious dream-like quality which has aficionados shrieking with laughter at the same time as being shocked and made to think, hard, by the astrology or the philosophical challenges. There are more good ideas in an issue of the Apprentice than in several volumes of other astrological magazines... If ever there was a cult magazine for astrologers, then this is it - its style, its content, and its attitude all mark it out as being way ahead of its competitors.


The complete set of 22 issues is now available for free download on the links below.

The main articles in each issue are:


ISSUE 1 - Free download here


What is Prediction? - what is happening when we predict? is destiny negotiable?

She Loves Me: She Loves Me Not - analysis of relationships by traditional techniques

Czech This: The Astrology of Events - judging sporting contests

The Battle to Own Truth - Swift's attack on the astrologers and the critics' attacks on John Keats were battles in the same war

The Acid Test - Orson Welles was wrong: Switzerland has produced something more interesting than the cuckoo-clock. The Astrology of LSD, part 1.


ISSUE 2 - Free download here


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - The Apprentice investigates the outer planets

The Joys of the Planets - so who said astrology and Christianity don't mix?

The Astrology of the Fall - John Milton and how astrology began

The Operation - medical horaries

The Acid Test - the Astrology of LSD, part 2


ISSUE 3 - Free download here


Warts and All - finding bodily blemishes by astrology, and what happens when the witchfinder finds them first

What Happened to Time? - how changing attitudes to time have transformed both astrology and our daily lives, and what we can do about it

It Really Works! - accurate public predictions by horary astrology, recorded before the event

Astrology on the Barricades - The Apprentice looks at two radical astrologers


ISSUE 4 - Free download here


A Man's Gotta Do - High Noon, McCarthyism and the Salem Witchtrials

The Smell of a Comet - Lilly's rival, George Wharton, on comets and their effects

Astrology and Magic - Should astrologers pick up their wands once again?

Different Strokes - What happens when astrologer and client hold fundamentally opposing beliefs?


ISSUE 5 - Free download here


The William Hill Astrology Awards - Bursaries for astrologers, and how to claim them

Neptune, the Short Version - Life too short for Liz Greene's? The Apprentice tells you all you need to know

Zulu! - An Empire shaken as Zulus massacre a British army during an eclipse of the Sun

The Most Beautiful Music - How cultural changes have shaped the astrology we use today


ISSUE 6 - Free download here


The St Lilly's Day Massacre - Blood flows as astrologers debate the very foundations of our art

Onmyoji - Astrologers to the Emperor - An introduction to ancient Japanese astrology

In Search of Shakespeare - The Apprentice tracks down the Bard's true chart, rectifying through his works

The Trial - Three separate charts confirm the same judgement


ISSUE 7 - Free download here


Richard Dawkins Proves Astrology - The Apprentice administers discipline to Astrology's wayward child, Science

Stars & Drugs & Rock & Roll - An Astrological Mystery Tour around the Birth-chart of Rock

You'll be a Man, My Son - The ancient teaching behind the exaltations of the planets

Epiphany - We consider the feast of the Astrologers


ISSUE 8 - Free download here


Death and the Devil Issue, including: Selling Ones Soul, with Doctor Faustus and Robert Johnson

Predicting Death from the Nativity - A worked example in detail

Death and the Dead - Tracing Jerry Garcia's death in the birthchart of the band

The Nostradamus Tapes - At last: the Truth!


ISSUE 9 - Free download here


Are You Receiving Me? - The definitive guide to receptions

The Warsaw Uprising - Plotting its exact course, using day-to-a-week progressions

Pluto Problems - Simple, accurate, specific prediction from the birthchart

New Old Techniques - Antiscia, Arabian parts, and how to cook them

Venus in Japanese Astrology - The dire consequences of Venus visible by day


ISSUE 10 - Free download here


You Must Remember This - The plot for Casablanca, written in the stars

Sepharial and Horses - From Kim Farnell's forthcoming biography

Pegasus Rising - A tried and tested method of picking winners

Time is Money - We trace the connection between money, time and thought

My Kingdom for a Horse! - Catherine the Great meets a sticky end.


ISSUE 11 - Free download here


The Moon as Mind - The vital, but neglected, role of the Moon in mental function

The Ancient Mariner - The quest for the Moon in Coleridge's masterpiece

The William Hill Awards - Further advice on sound, verifiable prediction

Galileo and the Fall - We examine the structure of the chart in the light of tradition, and consider the implications of Galileo's work


ISSUE 12 - Free download here


Pictures of Lilly - We separate truth and fiction in the image of England's greatest astrologer

The Lost Leader - Poetry, revolution and betrayal in the nativity of William Wordsworth

The Default Option - The problem of what happens when nothing happens

Why It Goes Wrong - An analysis of why we get it wrong sometimes, in the light of the psychology of incompetence


ISSUE 13 - Free download here


A Time for Love - Our guide to choosing a mate, and to electing times for venereal sports

Let's Get This Straight - Sit up and pay attention as we clarify some important points of traditional technique

Will the Witches be Set Free? - A Twentieth-Century horary

Decreasing in Light - An exploration of the astrology of power-cuts, and how to predict them


ISSUE 14 - Free download here

Chief of Organic Numbers - A detailed consideration of the nativity of John Milton

On the Heavens - A clear and concise account of the cosmology within which astrology works

Astrology in Action - Electing for an unusual event

Astrology in Action - Using horary to track down a rare guitar


ISSUE 15 - Free download here


Pearl - We go partying with Janis Joplin

Let's Get This Straight - Light, the nodes, the Full Moon, degrees of precision

Rebel Without a Cause - Teenage tantrums in the nativity of James Dean

If His Mrs Should Live - An unpublished judgment from William Lilly


ISSUE 16 - Free download here


Some Soothfast Cunning - Two texts of medieval English lunar astrology

Let's Get This Straight - The seasons, antiscia, Uranus, the sixth house

Sexing the Cat - Two medical charts

Born to be Bad - What makes a malefic malefic?


ISSUE 17 - Free download here


The Devil Went Down to Genoa - Paganini, Mercury and an elongated thumb

Come Blow that Horn - The astrological history of the saxophone

Barbie Girl - The truth about Barbie and Ken

Did He Love Me? - A three-tissue horary


ISSUE 18 - Free download here


The Assessment of Temperament - The vital first step in natal judgment

What Goes Around... - Death and retribution at the court of King Charles

Johnny B. Accidentally Dignified - Why did Chuck Berry shift his birth-place to New Orleans?

Going Down? - The horary judgment of criminal cases


ISSUE 19 - Free download here


Some Like it Cool - The history of jazz, told in the stars

The House of the Rising Sun - The astrology of Eric Burdon's finest hour

The Surgery - Medical charts reveal the true value of horary

Tory Boy - How not to fight an election


ISSUE 20 - Free download here


Towards Reading Lilly - The Master Astrologer is not always quite so straightforward

The Young Girl and the Sea - Ellen MacArthur lives out her fixed stars

How to Beat Time - The definitive article on timing in horary

Let's Get This Straight - Orbs; the via combusta; considerations before judgment; &c.


ISSUE 21 - Free download here


Homer Sweet Homer - On reading the old texts, with discussion of a key work on the solstice points and nodes

Let's Get Engaged - Tools for mundane astrology, with hints on the present turmoil

The Water Cycle - A vital image for a better understanding of the signs, nodes and fixed stars

The Moon in the Man - So why is the Moon so important in the nativity?


ISSUE 22 - Free download here


On the Architecture of the Soul – Searching for the individual’s essence: Arabian Parts and the chart within the chart

High Noon (L.M.T.) – The difference between will and desire: exploring the Table of Dignities with traditional psychology

Star Qualities - A sounder understanding of the fixed stars: royal stars in action and Algol as good guy

It’s Over – Barbie splits from Ken, and we hunt for the second spouse in the natal chart




including, of course, the lovely Neptunia, The Apprentice's very own agony aunt for all those intimate problems of astrological technique.

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