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John writes: my teaching commitments have been taking so much of my time that I haven’t brought a book to completion for far too long. I have several that are about two-thirds finished, and am concentrating now on restructuring my workload to allow me time and focus to finish them. The downloadable lectures (here) are an important part of this restructuring.

Books that are on their way include: a natal textbook; a collection of (very!) detailed studies of events as shown in the unfolding natal chart; Horary Practice; a collection of non-technical essays exploring the astrology behind the central pillars of western culture; and several more. I am aiming to have at least one of these finished and published soon. Further details will follow.

In the meantime, these titles are available either direct from this site or through Amazon and the other usual sources. No, these are not the usual astro-books. As a reader writes: ‘I absolutely love, love and love your book Sports Astrology. I love the humour, the shocking pink cover, the master and the pupil and the animals. I never came across a book that is so entertaining, funny and at the same time has such valuable lessons all in one. Fantastic really!’

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Horary Examples

Conceived and brought to birth by Dave Menconi, this is a collection of detailed, step by step explanations of horary judgements on a wide range of subjects, by John and his students Fotini Christodoulou, Leah Cuperman, Marcus Monteiro, Molly Morrissey and Kathryn Silvestre. It is available from Amazon, both in paperback and on Kindle, here.


Further details are here:



John’s books have been published in Polish, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Serbian and German. The first translation of the Revised Edition of The Horary Textbook was into Portuguese, and Spanish and German editions are now available.

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