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There are many methods of predicting sports results with astrology. Here are some that work. Journey with a student as he makes his voyage towards knowledge at the feet of a Master Astrologer. With the assistance of his pet raven and a bad-tempered yak, the Master leads him - and you - step by step through the analysis of over 60 charts, covering a wide range of sports. This detailed engagement with the practice of chart judgement makes this book invaluable not only to sports fans, but to anyone with an interest in predictive astrology. The main chapters focus on: horary; event charts; horse-racing; questions of profit.


The book aims to answer all the puzzling questions that arise during chart judgement - the questions that can be asked of a teacher, but cannot, until now, be asked of a book. Using the methods taught here, John has predicted not only the result, but even the correct score of top sports fixtures, both on TV - including his daily show Frawley and the Fish - and in astrological and sports magazines. As an exposition of astrology applied to one area of life, this book has no rival.



'I believed everything that John Frawley said, until he told me that Arsenal would win the league.' - London Tonight. Arsenal won the league.



£22.00, $35.00US


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