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Horary - the judgement of an astrological chart cast for the moment at which a question is asked - is by far the most suitable tool for most consultations. It is quick, simple, and gets straight to the point. If we are interested in a specific issue it makes sense to deal with that issue and that alone. This is what horary allows us to do, without having to pick apart the tangled web of issues with which the birthchart presents us.


The range of possible questions is endless. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, yet still whenever I think that there surely cannot be a question I have not been asked, there be soon be something quite new on its way to me. ‘What does he really feel about me?’ ‘Should I take this job?’ ‘Will my cat come home?’ are perhaps the most common questions (and No, I don’t charge full fee for questions about Puss!) but the immediate issue is what is of importance to you, right now.With horary, what the astrologer needs is a clearly stated question. It's worth thinking of the answer that you would like to hear: this doesn't mean that you will get that answer, but it does help make sure that you are asking the right question. For instance, it's not uncommon for clients to ask something like 'Should I change my job?' when what they really mean is 'Will that guy in my office ever get round to asking me out?' If you ask the question about your job I will not give you an answer about your love-life.


Do I know what I’m doing? I make no claims to infallibility. I can get things wrong. But The Mountain Astrologer said ‘Frawley’s prowess as a horary astrologer is awesome’. That was many years ago, and I’ve learned a thing or two since then.



Do you need my date and time of birth?

No. Using horary, I’m not using an astrological chart for your birth, but for the time of the question that you ask. This is, as it were, the birthchart of that question.


Can I ask only one question at a time?

One or two subsidiary questions on the main question is fine, and at no extra charge. For instance, if the main question is ‘Have I got a future with this man?’ you might also be wondering ‘Will he get along with my son?’ Asking questions on different subjects (‘Have I got a future with this man?’ and 'Will I get the job?') doesn't work, because it means the client isn't sufficiently focussed on either question for a clear judgement of the chart to be possible.


Is there a limit on how many questions a client can ask in a certain period?

No, there isn't, because different issues can be of importance. For instance, your urgent concern today might be with your career, but if tomorrow your cat doesn't come home, you will be urgently concerned about that. But I strongly believe that astrology is best used sparingly, so I discourage clients from consulting too often. I don't accept repeated questions on the same issue, unless there has been some significant change in the situation. If I told you last week that you won’t get the job I will not accept your question about getting that same job this week – unless, perhaps, you have started dating the boss’s daughter in the meantime.


Cost: A standard horary costs 150 GB pounds. Business (‘Should I take over Microsoft?’) and political questions can be rather more, depending on the question: ask for details. I take payment by PayPal or bank transfer.




As I restructure my work to allow more time for writing, I am no longer offering natal consultations. If you are interested in a natal reading, email me and I will be happy to refer you to one of my best graduate students.


A natal consultation works much better if there are some issues to give it a focus. You wouldn’t go to your doctor and say ‘Tell me about myself’. ‘Well, you’re a warm-blooded biped living on a planet revolving around…’ The general ‘tell me about myself’ request gives the astrologer nothing to work with. Inevitably the reading says more about the astrologer than it does about the client. For this reason I don’t accept the unfocussed ‘tell me about myself’ or ‘tell me what will happen in the next year’ consultations. I require that you give some guidance as to what you want to know, and brief details of the relevant situations.


A natal judgement, if it is to be done well, takes a lot of time. This, therefore, makes it expensive. But there is a limit to what a natal consultation can do. There is a ratio between price and result which may or may not make that price worth paying. There are many astrologers who promise to sprinkle fairy-dust on your life. A consultation can help you understand what is going on in your life; it can even give a different perspective on what is going on in your life, or guide you towards taking the appropriate action in your life. But it will not transform your life: I have no fairy-dust. So please think carefully before asking for a natal consultation. Clients find that the increased understanding it brings far repays the cost – but if you are expecting magic you will be disappointed. And no, I do not sell gems, amulets, talismans, mantras, alchemical potions, or pictures of my cat.


What if I don’t know my exact time of birth?

If you know the time to within an hour or so I can fine-tune this by using the dates of major events in your life. Though this, of course, takes time and is chargeable. If you don’t know the time to within a couple of hours, any attempt at fine-tuning would be specious – and I would warn you against any astrologer who argues otherwise: the time that astrologer might choose would say far more about that astrologer than it would about you. So if Mum told you ‘You were born around midnight’ I can work with this; if she said ‘You were born on Sunday’ I can’t.


Cost: Natal consultations start from 500 GB pounds, but can be far more, depending on what you require. If you’re interested, email me and we will discuss further. For political matters, email me. I take payment by PayPal or bank transfer.


Terms of business:

All fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable. I’m good at what I do, but I am not infallible. What you are paying for is my time and knowledge. Whatever decisions you make after a consultation are yours and yours alone.




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