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'It's hard to describe my gratitude to you for all the things that I've seen from you all these months. Your knowledge and your teaching style are excellent. This is the best course that I have ever had in my life - literally. It's priceless.'

Quick, accurate, and straight to the point, horary is by far the most useful tool for most astrological investigations. No matter in how much detail we study the birthchart, it will not reveal the answers to most of the issues of immediate concern to us, whether these are what our beloved really feels about us, what the wages will be like in the new job, or where we left our car-keys. Horary does exactly that – and much, much more. Immensely useful in its own right, it also provides the rigorous grounding in astrological technique that is essential if natal judgement is to be done well. The adventure starts here.


A past student writes: ‘Studying with John was a life-changing experience for me. Becoming an astrologer is not only a matter of learning technique. Sometimes a few wrinkles need to be hammered out on the mentor's forge. Sometimes you need the teacher to keep you going when you would otherwise give up in the face of seemingly overwhelming difficulty. The relationship does not stop at the end of your course. He's always there to guide. He is truly the best, he is unique.’

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There are many in astro-world who would like to have some working knowledge of horary, but without spending time on a full course of study, such as the Horary Apprenticeship. This course is for you.

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Right from the beginning, students completing the Horary Apprenticeship have been asking John, ‘What’s next? Can we carry on studying?’ He has always resisted this, but has at last been persuaded otherwise. So – only for students who have done the Apprenticeship – this advanced, purely practical, course is now open.

For full details of the course, click here.



This is natal astrology as you never imagined it could be: precise and objectively accurate, both in meaning and timing. It is as far as can be from the usual empty babble about birthcharts. If you like the idea of practicing astrology with your brain plugged in, this is where you can learn to do it.

For full details of the course, click here.


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