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Quick, precise, and straight to the point, horary is by far the most useful tool for most astrological investigations. No matter how carefully you examine your birthchart, for instance, it will not tell you where you left your car-keys or what the weather will be like on your holiday! A familiarity with the methods of horary also greatly simplifies the complex business of judging a birthchart. And it is a fascinating study in its own right.


Yet while there are many who would like to gain some proficiency in horary judgement, not everyone wishes to devote the time necessary for a full course of study. Hence ‘Horary Lite’, to fill that need.

The Syllabus:


The course consists of four lessons. The first two review, explain and clarify the technical matters on which horary judgement is based: house rulerships; aspects and prohibitions; antiscia; essential & accidental dignities; receptions; timing; and more. In the other two lessons I guide you step by step through judgement of horary charts on a wide range of subjects, reflecting something of the endless variety of questions that people ask a horary astrologer.


As in all my courses, the teaching is through dialogue. If I tell you stuff it will go in one ear and out the other. But if I set you a problem and then nudge you towards working out the solution for yourself, you will remember how it’s done. There’s a big difference between reading and learning! That the course is ‘Lite’ means that we cover less ground and in less depth; it does not mean that the teaching you will receive is any the less rigorous: I don’t know how to teach without full commitment.


The course is all done by email, which is a marvellous teaching tool. The drawback with any real-time tuition, such as face-to-face or on Skype, is that the meter is always running. If I ask a question, I can’t let you scratch your head for an hour in the search for an answer, but must give the answer myself after a minute or two. But it is precisely in this scratching of the head that the learning happens. This is the great advantage of email: on the one hand it is immediate, so you can write a mail to ask about some minor point that would never be worth the trouble of writing a physical letter; on the other it allows the head-scratching time which is so valuable if you are to truly learn. It is that same point: what is explained to you will not stick in your head; what you think through for yourself, under the careful guidance of a teacher, will.


Students will receive a Certificate of Completion on finishing the course.




The course costs 600 UK pounds, or 2 instalments of 320 pounds. I accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer. If after doing Horary Lite you wish to take the full Horary Apprenticeship, your payment for this course will be deductible in full from the fee for that.




The only book you will need for this course is my Horary Textbook, Revised Edition.



Enrolment and questions:

If you wish to enrol, or if you have any questions about the course, please email me. If enrolling, please include:


  • your name and address

  • brief details of any previous astrological study





How long does the course take?

You work at your own pace. I encourage students to send work regularly, but I realise that life sometimes has its own ideas about our schedules. How quickly students progress through the course depends, then, not only upon their personal aptitude, but on what turns life takes.


I have little knowledge of astrology…

This is no problem at all. I have taken complete beginners successfully through my Horary Apprenticeship. There are, indeed, certain advantages in coming to this study without prior knowledge: it is much easier to get sound ideas into the student’s head than it is to flush unsound ideas out.


English is not my first language…

And it is not the first language of around 50% of my students, so this is no obstacle. If you can understand this page, you should be able to cope with the course.

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