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Lectures on Subscription

Those who have seen John lecture agree that for depth, clarity, and sheer entertainment he is one of the very best. We are now offering these newly recorded lectures as an on-going subscription service. There are two tracks, one on Horary, one on Natal & Miscellaneous. There will be a new lecture in each track available to download once a fortnight. Lectures already issued can now be purchased direct from this site (see below).


We thought about offering video lectures, but general opinion among John’s students is that they like listening to his recordings when driving, jogging, cooking the dinner, or in the gym. So for now we’re sticking with audio files. All charts discussed and other illustrations as relevant are provided. The lectures are offered in sets of four to keep the secretarial work at this end to a minimum. If they were available individually the price would have to be rather higher.


Please note that this is not a structured course. For that, see the Tuition page, here. These are stand-alone lectures on separate topics.


 For full details and FREE download of sample lectures:
click HERE for Horary and HERE for Natal.

As listeners have commented:


  • If you could see me every time I find one of these lectures in my inbox you would laugh - the 5 year old that received a gift from Santa!  

  • A lot of wisdom and a lot of fun to listen to.

  • The most important thing is how you manage to teach the student how to think: that can’t possibly be paid.

  •  I have just started Lesson 1 in this series and love it. The explanations and humour are so down to earth and my husband wondered what I was laughing at when I was supposed to be listening to an Astrology Lecture.

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