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This is a top-level course in horary astrology, taught by ‘a master of the subject’ (The Mountain Astrologer) who is ‘a wonderful teacher’ (FAI Journal) with students worldwide.


Horary is the art of finding specific answers to specific questions by means of astrology. It involves precise, verifiable predictions. Unlike much astrology, there is no vagueness; it is clear and to the point. This is astrology that works and can be seen to work. In my practice, I find that many of my clients have had natal readings - they have heard a lot about themselves, but have not received an answer to the immediate issue that concerns them. This is the role of horary: it will tell you whether the relationship will work out, when the cheque will arrive, where those lost papers are, or if and when the cat will come home.


The purpose of this course is simple: it is to take you to a point where you can judge horary charts with a good degree of reliability. My aim is to make you proficient in horary, not just to pass you through the course, so you do have to get things right: this course is demanding. But the level of tutorial support you receive is equalled by few and surpassed by none. The clarity, simplicity and precision of tuition invariably surpass the student's expectations: "I've learnt more in six months with you than in twenty years of astrological study elsewhere," is a typical comment. Or, as another said: "On every course I have ever done, once I had paid my money all that they wanted to do was pass me through to a diploma as quickly as possible. This is the first time I have felt that someone really wants to teach me something." Even those students who regard horary as only a sideline to their interest in natal astrology find the course transforms the way they look at a chart, giving them tools for a precision of judgement they would not have believed possible. I have a limited number of places on a course in Traditional Natal Astrology for graduates of this course who wish to study further.


There are plenty of courses and innumerable websites where you can soak in a warm bath of astro-speak, safely within the comfort-zone of what you (think you) already know. But if you want to stretch yourself, to be challenged and made to think hard, while all the time being supported as you rise to these challenges by a dedicated and painstaking teacher, you have found one of the few places where this is possible. It is my belief that being stretched and made to think is fun; if you share this view, come on in.


In sum: there are easier courses and there are cheaper courses. If you want a course that you can muddle through and still end up with a diploma, you are in the wrong place. If you want to learn horary, this is for you.

The Syllabus:


Each lesson points you towards some reading, mostly from William Lilly’s Christian Astrology and my Horary Textbook, then gives questions on that material and, from lesson 5 onwards, set charts on those subjects. These questions are not a test, but are to show me what you don’t understand so that I can make sure that you do understand it. At first this is usually by my explaining the puzzling points; as you advance through the course it is less by me explaining than by me nudging you towards a position from where you can work it out for yourself. Knowledge sticks in the head very much better if you work it out for yourself than it does if someone tells you. So where the tuition takes place is in the dialogue as mails go back and forth until you reach an understanding of the material in each lesson.


The course is all done by email, which is a marvellous teaching tool. The drawback with any real-time tuition, such as face-to-face or on Skype, is that the meter is always running. If I ask a question, I can’t let student scratch head for an hour in the search for an answer, but must give the answer myself after a minute or two. But it is precisely in this scratching of the head that the learning happens. This is the great advantage of email: on the one hand it is immediate, so the student can write an email to ask about some minor point that would never be worth the trouble of writing a physical letter; on the other it allows the head-scratching time which is so valuable if the student is to truly learn. It is that same point: what is explained to you will not stick in your head; what you think through for yourself, under the careful guidance of a teacher, will.


The first five lessons give a thorough understanding of the basic rules of horary, which is essential if you are to judge charts accurately. If you have studied astrology elsewhere, some of this may seem elementary, but there are major differences between traditional and modern rules, and it is vital to get the basics right. No matter how much previous study students may have done, these early lessons always turn up things in need of clarification. The second half of the course is more complicated, as you learn to put the rules into practice. You will be judging a lot of charts: some set by me, some of your own. Each lesson is mastered before moving on to the next.


The outline of the lessons is:


Lesson 1: Introductory. The nature of the planets.

Lesson 2: The meanings of the houses: the foundation on which judgement is built. Turning the chart.

Lesson 3: Movement: aspects; application and separation; perfection and prohibition; void of course; retrograde planets.

Lesson 4: Dignity and Reception: the twin keys to judgement.

Lesson 5: Antiscia; Arabian Parts; fixed stars; timing. Judgement of the first set chart.

Lesson 6: 7th house matters, part 1: relationship questions. The making & breaking of relationships. Will this relationship work out? When will I meet the man I will marry, and how will I know him? etc.

Lesson 7: 7th house matters, part 2: legal affairs and contests. Questions of profit. "Should I?" questions.

Lesson 8: Lost, stolen and strayed. Locating lost objects is certainly one of the most impressive uses of horary.

Lesson 9: Property and occupational questions. Will this deal go through? Will I sell the house? Will I get this job? etc

Lesson 10: Medical matters: illness, death and pregnancy.

Lesson 11: Miscellaneous subjects, including: the weather, ‘bewitchment’; is this information true?; electing from horary charts.

Lesson 12: Your 'masterpiece': the presentation of a rigorously judged chart with correct prediction before the event, demonstrating your skills.


All tuition proceeds under the Apprentice's guiding principles: astrology can often be fun, and is always a delight. All tuition is by John himself: it is never delegated.





How long does the course take?

You work at your own pace. I encourage students to send work regularly, but I realise that life sometimes has its own ideas about our schedules. How quickly students progress through the course depends, then, not only upon their personal aptitude, but on what turns life takes. The fastest students complete the course in a matter of months; other take several years. 18 months to 2 years would be about average.


I have little knowledge of astrology…

This is no problem at all. I have taken complete beginners successfully through the course. There are, indeed, certain advantages in coming to this study without prior knowledge: it is much easier to get sound ideas into the student’s head than it is to flush unsound ideas out.


English is not my first language…

And it is not the first language of around 50% of my students, so this is no obstacle. If you can understand this page, you should be able to cope with the course.


I’ve completed the (whichever) course in horary. Can I skip the early lessons in your course?

No. I’ve made this mistake before, and invariably found that there is much that needs clarifying – precisely those things that are dealt with in the early lessons. Everyone starts at the beginning.


There are internet forums where I can learn horary…

You will not learn astrology by taking part in internet forums. The laws of astrology are no more a matter of opinion than is the law of gravity.


Will you cast a horary to see if I will succeed in the course?

No. It would be like asking a horary on whether I will do my job properly. My job is to teach, and I’m good it. All you need do is stay on the bus: so long as you do that, I will find a way to get you to the destination.




The course costs £2260 (around 3000 $US dollars, 4100 $AU) for two years. Fees are non-returnable, and may be paid as four instalments of £600 (around 800 $US, 1100 $AU) if preferred. I take payment by PayPal or bank transfer. It is possible to fail without completion if work is repeatedly below standard. Please note that the exchange rates given here are for guidance only: they are subject to fluctuation. Textbooks are not included: the student should expect to spend around £90 on books during the course.

If you are paying by instalments, these do not become due on any fixed time-scale, but are geared to your progress through the course: one to start, then others after lessons 3, 6 and 9.



Enrolment and questions:

If you wish to enrol, or if you have any questions about the course, please email me. If enrolling, please include:


  • your name and address

  • brief details of any previous astrological study

  • whether you prefer you pay by instalments or in a lump sum



Some typical comments from students:


  • ‘I thought I knew something about horary, but now I realise how low the standard of discussion is in the internet horary groups.’

  • ‘You have opened a very important door for me.’

  • ‘Thank you very much for the splendidly detailed and comprehensive comments.’

  • ‘Never before had I received any teaching or knowledge with such clarity and depth. To me these are also lessons in clear and reasonable thinking, challenging and beneficial on different levels.’

  • ‘The teacher on (course named) told me I would never understand horary. Thank you for your patient tuition.’

  • ‘My heartfelt thanks for all the support and instruction I have received through the horary course. I never thought at the start that it would so reshape my notions of the Universe, Time, and myself within that. It has been quite a journey, much more of an adventure than I dreamed possible, and an inestimable privilege.’

  • ‘The detailed responses to my questions are really helpful.’

  • ‘This is so fun!’

  • ‘I must take a moment here to express my deep appreciation for your time, attention to every question, and patient tutoring. The personal attention from you in this course is extraordinary.’

  • ‘I know that once I finish your course I'll be really good. I really appreciate it when a teacher really wants the students to learn something.’

  • ‘Thank you so much for such a challenging, rewarding and fascinating journey.’

  • ‘It has been a tremendously exhilarating experience and I can't think of when I have enjoyed anything quite so much.’

  • ‘I am really enjoying this course!’

  • ‘Your course is very demanding. I like that. There's no way to get through a lesson without thoroughly knowing the material. That's great!’ (of the natal course)

  • ‘This course has certainly been one of the most interesting and challenging things I've done.’ (of the natal course)

  • It's difficult to find a teacher who's so dedicated, explains so clearly and guides you to find the answers yourself.

  • Thank you so much for your incredible patience, expertise and skill.

  • You are such a good teacher because you're so on point and you keep the student directed toward the essentials of good, actual astrological interpretation.

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