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This is a practical course in the judging of horary charts, open only to select students who have completed my Horary Apprenticeship. We will deal with theoretical points as they arise, but there is no theoretical or thematic structure to the lessons. The lessons involve judging charts on a variety of subjects, which reflects the reality of horary practice, where one never knows what the subject of the next question will be.

The Syllabus:


There are 12 lessons. Each lesson consists of 7 charts on random subjects. We will work through these in the way you will have done on the Horary Apprenticeship. You may submit up to 4 charts in each lesson yourself; I will set the others. This is to make sure we have some variety, not getting stuck in only one or two types of question.


Please note:

The aim of this course is that you shall learn to judge charts for yourself, not that I shall judge them for you. Having me standing at your elbow when you are judging them is not helpful: you need to learn to fly without need of the magic feather. For this reason we will not work on charts of your own that were cast less than a month before you submit them.



The course costs 2260 UK pounds or 4 instalments of 600 pounds. I accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer.


Enrolment and questions:

If you wish to enrol, please email me. Do note that this course is open only to those who have completed my Horary Apprenticeship.


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