The Real Astrology Applied explores in greater depth topics raised in The Real Astrology - topics practical, theoretical, historical and philosophical. These are articles from The Astrologer’s Apprentice, with others from The Astrological Association Journal and a detailed series on the houses from Horoscope (UK edn.).


Subjects covered include: the nature of light; antiscia; Arabian Parts; using mutual reception to make changes in the life; William Lilly; the perception of time; the role of the Lord of the Geniture in spiritual aspiration; receptions; why it goes wrong; the seasons; medical charts; the assessment of temperament; solar and lunar calendars; the true nature of the malefics; and much more.



Highly readable - a virtual fountain of knowledge and technique. - The Mountain Astrologer 


Should be read and reread by all who intend calling themselves astrologers. - Considerations



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