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Winner of the Spica Award: International Book of the Year


In The Real Astrology, John Frawley provides a searching - and often hilarious - critique of modern astrology, and a detailed introduction to all the main branches of the traditional craft. Sweeping away the misconceptions of both modern astrologers and sceptics, a clear exposition of the cosmological background explains how and why traditional astrology works. This leads to a step-by-step guide to method, accessible to those with no prior knowledge of the subject, yet sufficiently thorough to serve as a vade mecum for the student or practitioner.



Introduction to Traditional Astrology * The Rise of Modern Astrology * Horary Astrology * The Nature of Time * The Order of the Cosmos * The Outer Planets and the Asteroids * The Planets and their Essences * Aspects * Houses * Electional Astrology * Natal Astrology * Mundane Astrology * Astro-meteorology and Horticultural Astrology * Medical Astrology * Synastry * Magical Astrology * A Guide to Practice * Some Popular Fallacies.



Philosophically rich - genuinely funny - written by a master of the subject and informed with invaluable practical advice. I highly recommend this book. - The Mountain Astrologer


Wit, philosophy and a thoroughly remarkable depth of scholarship. Frawley is a wonderful writer/teacher with an extraordinary gift for matter-of-fact metaphors that illuminate his subject matter. The book opens with dazzling yet logical displays of the practical hows and whys of Horary, and made me think 'I want to do that!" but also more importantly, "I COULD do that!" This is the hallmark for me of a good teacher. I will be ever thankful to John Frawley for this gem of a book. - The AFI Journal


A significant book that is a must for all serious astrologers. Buy it! - The Astrological Association Journal


Required reading for all astrologers. - Prediction


I could give my view of this book in three words: "Buy this book!" But I am more inclined to give it in four: "Buy this book now!" - Anima Astrologiae


Should be read by every serious astrologer. Very readable, and laced with humour throughout - I laughed heartily at some of the passages. - Journal of Spiritual Astrology



£22.00, $35.00US

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