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Lectures on Subscription

Those who have seen John lecture agree that for depth, clarity, and sheer entertainment he is one of the very best. We are now offering these newly recorded lectures as an on-going subscription service. There are two tracks, one on Horary, one on Natal & Miscellaneous. There will be a new lecture in each track available to download once a fortnight.

We thought about offering video lectures, but general opinion among John’s students is that they like listening to his recordings when driving, jogging, cooking the dinner, or in the gym. So for now we’re sticking with audio files. All charts discussed and other illustrations as relevant are provided.

Please note that this is not a structured course. For that, see the Tuition page, here. These are stand-alone lectures on separate topics.



Horary Track:


There will be some discussion of theory, but these lectures will concentrate on working through chart judgements on a wide variety of subjects, explaining why each step is taken and addressing the points that bring confusion. Some lectures will be themed, with charts on a particular topic; most will contain charts on different topics, reflecting the reality of horary practice – life’s rich tapestry, indeed!


Issued so far:


  • Lectures 1-4: charts on miscellaneous topics, with an emphasis on the radically different ways in which exaltation can work in charts on different subjects.

  • Lectures 5-8: charts on miscellaneous subjects, with an emphasis on medical judgements.

  • Lectures 9-12: more miscellaneous charts, with explanation of puzzling technical points and showing how these points work in practice. And a most unusual chart about some lost animals.



Natal & Miscellaneous Track:


This track presents a mixture of theoretical discussion and detailed examinations of natal charts, both the birth-chart itself and how the chart unfolds through time to show events in the life. We have no doubt that in both depth of treatment and clarity of explanation these lectures go far beyond any treatment of astrology that you have either seen or heard. Projected subjects include, in no particular order:


  • Mars and putting the world to rights

  • Saturn: captivity and escape

  • Venus and Mercury: incompatible principles

  • Saturn as good guy; Jupiter as bad guy

  • Assessing the temperament: questions, problems and solutions

  • What is a birth-chart, anyway?

  • Good and evil in the chart

  • Natal Arc Parts

  • Derived lunar returns

  • Galileo, Neptune and the pattern of the cosmos

  • A series of detailed expositions of events in the lives of William Lilly and his notable contemporaries, including the twists and turns in the dramatic trial of the Earl of Strafford; Cromwell refusing the crown – and then dying twice; Culpeper’s ill-starred romance; the show-trial of Archbishop Laud; ‘Don’t marry your Mars, Bill!’

  • That’s the way it is: our personal wiring, as seen in the chart

  • Hypochondriak melancholy: conversion and despair

  • and many, many more.


Issued so far:


  • Lectures 1-4: a discussion of the astrological patterns underlying the Odyssey. This is non-technical, and apart from its inherent interest teaches much about we are really doing with our astrology, the meaning of the chart, and the motions of Sun and Moon.

  • Lectures 5-8: after a discussion of the meaning of the 7 key Arabian Parts, there is a very (very!) detailed analysis of the unfolding of Nicky Culpeper’s tragic romance, which ended with his bride-to-be struck by lightning on the night of their elopement. Progressions, solar return, lunar returns.

  • Lectures 9-12: we continue this investigation, looking now at the derived lunar returns, then move on for a similarly detailed exploration of the charts for Culpeper’s courtship and marriage to Alice Field.

  • Lectures 13-16 will complete the exploration of his marriage, then move on to his being wounded during the Civil War.




Each track is separate. Subscriptions to each track cost 20 UK pounds for 4 lectures (that’s around 35 US or Aussie $). Lectures in each track are issued on a roughly fortnightly basis. At some future point we will make the lectures available on a pick & choose basis, but to keep John’s secretarial duties to a minimum they come for now in 4-lecture blocks. So if, for instance, you subscribe just after Lecture 7 has been issued, you will receive Lectures 5, 6 and 7 immediately, then Lecture 8 later. Previous lectures are available at 20 UK pounds for each block of 4. We accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer.




The lectures will be in wma format. You will be sent a link in an email to download each lecture as it becomes available. Lectures vary in length from half an hour to an hour, depending on the subject. All charts discussed will be supplied.

The first lecture in each track will be issued during the first week of August.

If you wish to subscribe, please email, including:


  • your name and address

  • whether you want to subscribe to the natal track, horary track, or both

  • whether you prefer to pay by PayPal or bank transfer.


We will then send the relevant details for payment.


Happy listening!



Will these wma files work on my Mac?
Yes, no problem at all. They work on both Windows and Mac.

Can I put these files onto a CD or memory-stick?
Yes, very easily. Just drag and drop in the same way that you would with 
a document.


Some Comments from subscribers:


  • ‘A lot of wisdom and a lot of fun to listen to.

  • The most important thing is how you manage to teach the student how to think: that can’t possibly be paid.

  • I LOVE these lectures John, both the horary and natal, thank you so much for doing this. I'm one of your self-proclaimed students who unfortunately misses all your in-person lectures because of travel logistics, so these audio teachings are really wonderful for me.

  • (Of the Natal track): I'm thrilled that these first few lectures aren't technical - I know so many people that don't have an interest in becoming astrologers, but do have an interest in traditional thought or this way of thinking.

  • I just finished listening to the second track on Horary, and it's nothing less than very, very impressive! The examples about exaltation you've given are great, as thinking about grandness is the most common way it is interpreted. And the charts you've chosen are also great because there's a lot of stuff to detangle. 

  • I am REALLY enjoying the first lecture. Fabulous.

  • This is excellent and I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Really nice stuff, John! Thank you very, very much!!!

  • What an inspiring voice of yours! 

  • I have listened to the Horary lecture and found it brilliant and extremely helpful.

  • One very interesting and helpful thing in your lecture (as also in all your books) is that when you are trying to make a point or explain something and the listener (as well as reader of your books) starts thinking of the next question. But before they can actually ask, you come up with the question and the answer too! So the student does not find anything unanswered or any question left unexplained.

  • Loved the natal lecture, especially the insight about Penelope and the Moon; beautiful and instantly recognisable - once you said it that is. Also loved the understanding about cows and time, which is also completely new to me. This is soul food for me. Very yummy too. I'm looking forward to my next helping.

  • ‘I was there in Zurich when you did the Odyssey presentation BUT...having thought that was fantastic...this is indeed awesome much thought, so much much good always...but as good wine... it gets better with time!’

  • I just finished listening to Lecture 4 in your Odyssey series… had to email you, was so brilliant WOW. Loved every minute, was on the edge of my seat throughout each one! Of all the various ways the houses and cycles have been taught/explained, this was by far the most exciting, thank you so much.

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