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Predicting the Lottery

Every now and again I receive a hopeful mail asking how astrology can be used to predict the lottery numbers. There are those who will cheerfully lighten your purse by imparting such secrets, but the simple answer is this: it cannot be done.


Think of it theoretically. It cannot possibly be done in an objective way, such as a variation on John Addey’s method for predicting horse-races, which I describe in Sports Astrology, because there is no objective distinction by which to judge. Horses are different - especially in that this one can run faster than that one. The whole point of lottery balls is that they are not different. That they have different numbers on them does not make them different, anymore than a horse runs faster if it has this or that number on it.


Nor is there any sense in which the balls that are selected 'win' or are better in any way than those which are not.Nor can it be done with horary. Horary must always be used sparingly – as, indeed, should all astrology. If you ask 'Does he still love me?' six times a day, you will not get valid charts. Asking if you will win the lottery by choosing 1, or 2, or 3, won't work because the number you mention in any of these questions is entirely random. You aren't thinking 'Oh, 2 is such a lovely number, I must follow where it leads'. At any point of asking you could be asking about any other number. And the answer to such a question, whatever the chart might suggest, will always be ‘No’. Because you will not win by choosing 1, or 2, or 3, even if that number comes up on the winning ticket. If you are to win, you need the other numbers too. You either win or you don't: you are no nearer to winning if you have one correct number than if you have none at all.


Sorry about that.

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