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A Note on Prediction

There are various reasons for the failure of predictions from the natal chart. One, of course, is the use of bizarre techniques (no, the US election did not hinge on the movements of Sedna, as I have seen claimed!) or errors in the use of sound techniques. One is the inability to see beyond the astrologer’s wishful thinking. Another is the failure to think clearly about what the charts need to show in order for a prediction to be made.I am referring here to predictiopredictions from the natal charts; I am not referring to predictions made by anyone in particular; I have not looked at the nativities of Bush & Kerry myself, and so do not know what is or isn’t there.


Although the election was a race between B & K, which Bush won and Kerry lost, so far as the unfolding of their lives is concerned, and hence so far as what their birthcharts will show,

* Kerry did not lose; he failed to win

* Bush did not win; he avoided losing.


Unless Kerry runs again and wins, this will be the most successful day of his life. Coming within a state of being US president is some achievement. A few months ago hardly anyone had heard of him; now he was on every TV in the world. We should expect to see some powerful positive testimonies in his chart.


For Bush, the situation has remained as it was. He was president already: we should not expect to find testimonies of triumph in his chart. As long as there are no powerful testimonies of defeat (or of him moving house), he will stay in office.


It is not necessary even to look at Kerry’s chart if Bush’s does not show defeat. No matter how glorious might be the testimonies in Kerry’s, if Bush is still in office Kerry will not become president - any more than glorious testimonies six months after the election would make him president.


Similarly, it seems to be an astrological commonplace, no matter what techniques are used, that the next king of Britain will be neither Charles nor William, but Harry. If we remember how many times the late Queen Mother died, we may dismiss many of these claims without further consideration. But even if sound techniques are used, judgement of the natal charts alone is never enough to make such a prediction. All we can say from comparing the nativities of Charles, William and Harry is that it is the latter which has the clearest potential to rule. Any prediction that Harry will be next king must start with the chart of the present Queen. Neither Harry nor anyone else will become king if there is no vacancy, so we must first astrologically remove Elizabeth from the throne. We must then disqualify Charles and William. That their nativities seem to lack a certain royal quality is not enough. They are first and second in line of succession, so no matter what qualities their charts display, they will acceed unless something prevents it. We have to find this something, which can be done only by seeing what natal potentials are activated by progressions, returns and other techniques for unfolding the chart. We must then unfold Harry’s natal chart to show that he is alive and not otherwise incapacitated at the time when he might acceed. Only when we have done all this do we have something that can be called a prediction. Ye Royal Astrologer had to earn his corn!


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