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I’m blessed in being able to devote my working life to exploring the endlessly fascinating subject of astrology. I invite you to join me on this journey.

Webinar: On July 21st John will be giving a webinar on horary astrology, with the subject ‘Home Sweet Home’. Details are here.

The Fixed Stars: Until recently, the recordings of John's comprehensive workshop on understanding the Fixed Stars have been available only on CD. They are now available as a digital download. Details are here.

Interview: A wide-ranging and entertaining interview recorded by Carmina-Adelina Amza on John’s visit to Bucharest can be watched here.

Tuition: There can be few teachers of astrology as knowledgeable and as dedicated to teaching as is John. If you want to be stretched and to come away having learned something, you might consider his courses in Horary and in Natal Astrology. Details are here.

The Horary Textbook, Revised Edition is now available from us in Spanish, Portuguese and German. Details are here.

Teacher and practitioner of traditional astrology, John is the author of The Real Astrology (Spica Award, International Book of the Year), The Real Astrology Applied,The Horary Textbook and Sports Astrology.

John's Horary Doctor service is now available, offering one-off tutorials to explain those puzzling charts.

Here are some books that have been particularly helpful in my studies, some technical, some not.

The study of astrology is an endless adventure, and I’m forever thinking just that as I learn something new. This page is where I will share those little bits and pieces of discovery as I make them.

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