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Horary Helpline



It’s always pleasing to get judgements right, of course. But getting them wrong is valuable too: it teaches us so much. The first thing is to pick the chart apart yourself to see if you can find the error. But if you can’t – call Doctor John! Drawing on my 20 years’ experience of teaching and practice I will usually be able to find the path to correct judgement.

Regard this as a one-off lesson in horary.


What the Doctor needs from you is:


  • The question as asked by the querent, with any relevant information. Keep it brief!

  • The time, date and place for which the chart was cast. And the degree on the Ascendant, to make sure we are looking at the same chart.

  • Your judgement of the chart, including your step by step reasoning for reaching the conclusion that you did. Keep this brief, too - I don’t need the whole novel. Just the important points.

  • The outcome. And any suggestions you have as to why it didn’t work out as you expected.


The Doctor’s fee for this is 30 GB pounds for one chart, 100 pounds for four. This is payable with order, but I don’t know everything: if my answer to this is ‘I don’t know either’ payment will be refunded.


To consult the Doctor email here. Please note: this service is to provide one-off tutorials on your own charts when events did not turn out as predicted. It is not to critique judgements made for you by other astrologers, nor to provide a second opinion on judgements where the outcome is not yet known.



‘I can put my chart on an internet forum and people will give me their opinions on where I went wrong.’

So you can. But I know what I’m talking about.

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