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Recordings of the 4th Real Astrology Intensive on Natal Astrology: The Fixed Stars - held in June 2010 in Regensburg, Germany.


John Frawley, horary astrology, real astrology, traditional astrology, horary astrologer, horary tuition, natal astrology, sports astrology, horary textbook, William Lilly, Apprentice Books, The Astrologer's Apprentice
John Frawley, horary astrology, real astrology, traditional astrology, horary astrologer, horary tuition, natal astrology, sports astrology, horary textbook, William Lilly, Apprentice Books, The Astrologer's Apprentice

The set consists of 12 CDs, containing over 12 hours of lectures, and a 13th disc with all the charts and an index.


The key theme of my natal teaching is ‘astrology without textbooks’. It is my belief that astrology cannot be seriously practiced by constantly referring to books or by quoting snippets from books that have lodged in the memory – but only by truly owning the knowledge ourselves. To do this, it is necessary to build that knowledge from an understanding of the basic principles. With the fixed stars, this means understanding their effects by understanding the myths that the constellations embody. As the many chart examples here demonstrate, it is remarkable how literally these myths are lived out in the life.


In these lectures, I teach how to understand myth by learning a method of thinking that not only illuminates our astrology, but also our engagement with art, literature and scripture. I discuss the meaning of most of the major constellations in detail; but the important thing is that once you know these simple principles, you have the tools to work the rest out for yourself.


The working of these principles is illustrated with a wide range of chart examples, many dealt with in greater depth than I have ever presented a chart before – which I am confident means in greater depth than you have heard anyone present a chart before. These are mostly nativities, but also include a detailed study of the Lisbon earthquake (showing exactly what Neptune does mean in a chart!) and the careers of two ships cursed with a bad name. The fixed stars do not, of course, exist in isolation, so these chart examples show a full range of techniques for reading the natal chart and locating events in the life. I put a particular emphasis on planetary movement in the birthchart, and how very simply this can tell us so much about the native, and two techniques which, to the best of my knowledge, you will not find elsewhere. These are Natal Arc Parts, which speak so eloquently about the deeper reaches of the nature, and Derived Lunar Returns, which will astonish you with their exact precision.


The lectures are also a lot of fun.


The charts discussed include:


  • How being great of soul doesn’t necessarily make you lovable

  • How the stars tell which twin will board the fatal plane, and which will cancel his trip

  • Dr Guillotin and the nature of mercy

  • William Blake: the tyger in his very heart

  • Tammy Wynette: just how your good girl’s gonna go bad

  • Dirk Bogarde: a life lived out on screen

  • Adolf Eichmann: knowing his master’s call

  • The Man of a Thousand Voices – and none

  • Neptune in earthquake and revolution

  • Serge Gainsbourg: Je t’aime…

  • Tricky Dick: election and resignation

  • How Captain Bligh survived the Bounty – but the stars deserted him when he tried the trick again

  • Patsy Cline and the Falling Eagle

  • Murder and discovery: the fixed stars show not only exactly when, but also exactly how

  • Admiral Nelson, in battle and in love

  • Why you shouldn’t name a ship Betelgeuse

  • Why you really shouldn’t name a ship Betelgeuse

  • and much, much more. 


The price of this set is 250 euros, which includes postage.

Christmas Sale! From now until January 10th, the price is reduced to 150 euros.

To order, click here.


Some comments:


‘I just had to let you know the Fixed Star CDs are the best and the most fascinating material I’ve heard in a long time! Absorbing all this is going to keep me busy for months. This morning I listened to “The Story of Orion, Pegasus and Sagittarius” and I was spellbound! I’ve always been intrigued by the meaning of the Prometheus myth, and have never heard it so well explained—music for the ears and music for the soul.’


‘I bought these a couple of weeks ago, and I can't get enough. You can listen to them over and over again, and every time there's something new to discover there. Highly recommended!’


‘I've been blown away by the material on the Fixed Star Intensive CDs.’


‘I've been meaning to write and compliment you on the production of the Fixed Star Intensive CDs - fantastic quality and value.’


‘Today I received the fixed stars cd's set and wowww!!! Very beautifully presented!’


‘The tapes of 2010 were really enjoyable of very good quality both the content and the recordings.A gem, treasure.’


‘I have recently got a copy of the Regensberg 2010 recordings and want to say what a blast it is to hear you lecture again, long time since Sydney, with the added advantage that i can play them over and over again .....I couldn’t possibly keep up otherwise. Really absolutely such a pleasure.’


‘The fixed star intensive is great. I printed out all the charts for the intensive and made notes around the charts and on the back if necessary. When finished, I'm going to have it bound and just have it as another book to study from.’


‘I have a lot of fun listening to the fixed stars tape. I love the mundane stuff.The fixed stars tapes arrived quickly. I want to tell you something, but I hate sounding queer. I've spent quite a bit of time in life uselessly frustrated by things I've heard. As a very, very young child I remember throwing something at the television because I became so furious at a commercial that was obvious nonsense. But my problem is that I'm really not smart enough to figure much out on my own. I only know what doesn't make sense, which honestly is not very helpful. I have always had an ongoing prayer playing in my mind that one day I would meet someone who actually knew the kinds of things I wanted to know, that I personally thought were important. For the first time I can usefully turn from just objecting to what I hear to actually focusing on what I feel is good to understand. It's a great gift you have given me.’

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