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Recordings of the 4th Real Astrology Conference held in June 2010 in Regensburg, Germany.
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The full menu is:


Disc 1: John Frawley. Welcome and Introductions, followed by: Some Like It Hot: Venus as Morning Star or Evening Star (60 minutes)


We are used to the idea of Mercury having a dual nature, but what about Venus? Is it hot; is it cold; or does its nature vary? John attempts to recreate a lost astrology, revealing some of the secrets of the goddess of love.


Disc 2: John Frawley. Tradition and Authority (65 minutes)


The more we understand what we are trying to do, the more likely it is that we shall be able to do it. To this end, John begins with a discussion of the western tradition in astrology: what it is, what it is not, and why it is important to know the difference. He then focuses on the concept of authority, with particular reference to the authority of books: how books are created and transmitted, to what extent it is reasonable to regard any book as authoritative, and how the vesting of authority in books has affected astrology over the centuries.


Disc 3: John Frawley. Fate, Free Will and Predestination (67 minutes)


Continuing the lecture on Disc 2, John reaches beyond the world of astrology to treat the concept of modernity: how and why the seeds of this were planted in the middle ages, and how it has grown to become the philosophic backdrop to our world. He looks at the relationship between modernity and tradition, and the implications of this for anyone practising astrology in the 21st century. This leads to a bold attempt at resolving the apparent conflict between free will and predestination.


Disc 4: Bernhard Bergbauer. Alchemy: Astrology's Golden Sister (57 minutes)


What is alchemy; what it is not; and how does it relate to astrology? Titus Burckhardt wrote: "Astrology works from the heavens downwards to earth, while alchemy works from the metals upwards to the heavens". Bernhard explores our familiar astrological principles when they are working in the opposite direction.


Disc 5: Oscar Hofman. The Interplay of Sun and Moon (68 minutes)


The interplay of the Lights, the Sun and Moon, is the basis for the Part of the Moon (the Part of Fortune), the Part of the Sun (the Part of Spirit), and the nodal axis. Understanding this interplay clarifies the roles of antiscia, the Moon’s nodes, and the Part of Fortune in the natal chart.


Disc 6: Oscar Hofman. Fixed Star Myths in Film and Fiction (76 minutes)


The mythology of the fixed stars in film and literature, focusing on the astrology in "The Godfather", "Heart of Darkness" and "Lord of the Rings". Popular books and films often show the fixed stars and their mythology working very concretely, demonstrating the way they also work in our lives. Learn about the Cor Leones' heart, the power obsessions of Algol, and the dangers of Castor.


Disc 7: John Frawley. Questions and Answers (33 minutes)


John answers the audience’s questions on: the Lord of Ascendant combust in a nativity; the zodiac signs as the gates of Heaven; retrograde planets in the birthchart; assessing the temperament; a point on the Nodes; the role of the Ascendant in the birthchart; the role of a planet on the Descendant in the birthchart.


Disc 8: Charts, Graphics, Index


The price is 80 euros, which includes postage.


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