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This course is to give you the basic tools needed to begin the study of natal astrology, before entering my Apprenticeship in Natal & Electional Astrology.


Judging the natal chart is a complex business. Attempting it without a thorough understanding of these basics is like trying to play Chopin without knowing your scales. This is why my Natal Apprenticeship has until now been open only to graduates of my Horary course: if you’ve got through that, I know you will have a good grasp of those scales. But I’m aware there are those who would like to study natal astrology without learning horary first. This course is to teach you your scales, without the need for learning to judge horary charts.


NB: This is not a course in natal astrology! We will not be looking at natal charts at any time during this course. This course is to prepare you for the study of natal astrology.


The Syllabus:


The course is of four lessons each containing a mixed bag of questions on our core subjects: receptions; essential & accidental dignity; receptions; antiscia; more receptions; planetary movement and aspects; necessary bits and pieces such as retrogradation, the Nodes, and void of course; and, you’ve guessed it: more receptions. You do not move on to the next lesson till the material in the present lesson has been adequately mastered.


Yes, we keep going over the same points, in different contexts, because that is how you will learn them. It is truly said that ‘repetition is the mother of learning’ – just as if you were learning your musical scales. My aim is not merely to introduce these topics to you, but to give you a thorough work-out in using them. As with all my teaching, the idea is that you learn something, not merely pass through the course. This so that when you come onto my Natal Apprenticeship you can concentrate on what the chart is telling you, without struggling to understand the methods it uses to do this.


Students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion on successfully finishing the course.




The course costs 800 UK pounds. Fees are non-returnable, and may be paid by PayPal or bank transfer. It is possible to fail without completion if work is repeatedly below standard. Successful students will be eligible for admission to my Natal Apprenticeship, details of which are here.


Should you decide after finishing this course that you wish to continue with my Horary Apprenticeship, the fee for this Natal Foundation will be deductible in full from the fee for the horary course.




Although you will not be studying horary on this course, Part 1 of my Horary Textbook contains a detailed discussion of the techniques introduced here, so that is required. You will need The Real Astrology Applied when you move on to the natal course, and will also find this useful here.



Enrolment and Questions:

If you wish to enrol, or if you have any questions about the course, please email me. If enrolling, please include:


  • your name and address

  • brief details of any previous astrological study





How long does the course take?

You work at your own pace. I encourage students to send work regularly, but I realise that life sometimes has its own ideas about our schedules. How quickly students progress through the course depends, then, not only upon their personal aptitude, but on what turns life takes.


I have little knowledge of astrology…

This is no problem at all. I have taken complete beginners successfully through the course. There are, indeed, certain advantages in coming to this study without prior knowledge: it is much easier to get sound ideas into the student’s head than it is to flush unsound ideas out.


English is not my first language…

And it is not the first language of around 50% of my students, so this is no obstacle. If you can understand this page, you should be able to cope with the course.

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