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May 8th, 2021


No textbook can possibly cover every eventuality that we might find in a chart, nor is the writer of any textbook infallible. In this intensive, chart-based, webinar, John shows what we do when faced with issues that the texts don't cover - and how we get to the heart of issues where the texts bring only confusion. John will discuss charts on love, career, medical matters and a wide variety of other subjects, showing with what precision and what clarity the chart can give us the answers. The webinar will be in English, with translation into Russian.


This is organised by Viktor and Natali, who have organised several of John’s workshops in Kiev. Beginning at 11.00 CEDT on May 8th, it will last for 3 hours, plus a 15-minute break. It will be in English, with translation into Russian. It costs 45 euros, or 40 euros if paid before April 22nd.


​For further details and booking, please write to Natali:

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