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June 12th, 2022

​ The Celestial Script

Our birthcharts show the life of each one of us, lived out in our different ways. But for those in the world of the arts – the singers, the writers, the actors – it’s quite remarkable how extremely literally their creations bring this celestial script into the world. Why it’s this song, not that song; this film, not that film, and so on. In this 3-hour webinar on natal astrology I will present a selection of fine examples. Prepare to be amazed!


This is organised by Nataly and Andrey of the Septener astro-school in Riga. It begins at 11.00 CEDT (UTC+2) on June 12th, and will be given in English with translation into Russian. As always with my lectures, lots of information, and entertaining too!


Full details and booking are here:

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