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March 22nd-24th 2019.


No textbook can possibly cover every eventuality that we might find in a chart, nor is the writer of any textbook infallible. In this intensive, chart-based, workshop, suitable for both experienced horary astrologers and beginners, John shows what we do when faced with issues that the texts don't cover - and how we get to the heart of issues where the texts bring only confusion.


It being the day of Venus, the Friday evening lectures will be devoted to questions of love. Then over the weekend John will discuss charts on career issues, medical matters, lost objects, relocation, money, pregnancy, politics… and all the wide range of topics on which horary charts can shed light. As always with John’s lectures, lots of learning – and lots of fun, too!

Lectures will be in English, with no translation.


The workshop will be held in the Hotel Chambord, in the Minerva Room. The goddess of wisdom – how very appropriate! The hotel is only a short walk from the centre, so is also well placed for sight-seeing.


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