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​Friday evening to Sunday, October 13-15th 22-23rd 2017.


The keynote of John’s natal teaching is ‘astrology without textbooks’. It is his belief that astrology cannot be seriously practiced by constantly referring to books or by quoting snippets from books that have lodged in the memory – but only by truly owning the knowledge ourselves. To do this, it is necessary to build that knowledge from an understanding of the basic principles. With the fixed stars, this means understanding their effects by understanding the myths that the constellations embody. As the charts he will be discussing demonstrate, it is remarkable how literally these myths are lived out in the life.

In this workshop, he teaches how to understand myth by learning a method of thinking that illuminates not only our astrology, but also our engagement with art, literature and scripture. He will discuss the meaning of many of the major constellations and most important stars in detail; but the important thing is that once you know these simple principles, you have the tools to work the rest out for yourself.

Working from the myths, and illustrated with chart examples, he will also discuss what Uranus, Neptune and Pluto really mean in a chart – which is something rather different from the usual assumptions.

Although use of the fixed stars is often regarded as an advanced technique, this mythological approach makes their use simplicity itself. So this workshop is accessible to anyone who is interested in precise astrology – and who enjoys a good story.

The workshop will be in English with Russian translation. Further details and booking are here:

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