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‘What does he really feel about me?’ ‘Will I get the job?’ ‘Where is my cat?’ These are the really important questions in life – and we will not find answers to them by looking at the birthchart. We can find answers with horary, the astrology of questions. Quick, precise, and straight to the point, horary is by far the most useful tool for most astrological investigations. In this interactive, chart-based, presentation John, internationally acknowledged as a master of the craft, will show just how quick, precise, and to-the-point horary can be. He will make the basic principles clear to beginners, while showing those with more knowledge how judging such charts can be far simpler than they ever imagined.

No textbook can possibly cover every eventuality that we might find in a chart, nor is the writer of any textbook infallible. In this intensive, chart-based, workshop, suitable for both experienced horary astrologers and beginners, John shows what we do when faced with issues that the texts don't cover - and how we get to the heart of issues where the texts bring only confusion. Over this weekend John will discuss charts on love, career, medical matters, lost objects, relocation, money, pregnancy, politics, timing events... and all the wide range of topics on which horary charts can shed light.


The lectures will be in English, with translation into Serbian.


The price for the seminar is 150€, with a 20% discount for payments made before April 1st. For more information and booking, please write to

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